From GTO…to Bad Education…………….to…….The Principal

I’ve got only 25 minutes. Have to be fast. And please forgive me if I use Chinglish, as it would be easier for me


Thank for Abe again, so I can see the second Drama made in Australia. The First: Sea Patrol….and Now….the Principal.

Education and schools is one of my favourite genres. Another….you should know, Crimes and Blood. I am fascinated by such genre mainly because of my family origin (my father is an ex-policeman, doing sea patrol, so that’s why), and my sexual fetishes – I have found teachers attractive since I forgot when…..

GTO…..made in Japan, about a bad guy who came to a bad school to teach, and at last save the kids and the schools. Yeah….a saviour. Aspiring….to the point that I find it too much. Very emotional. Every plot and interaction between the teacher and student are so fabricated to tick your anger, sadness and hope deep inside. Basically, the teacher was a fine mixture of god-like and gang-like. A Jesus Christ!

The Principal…… a drama SBS has put a lot of effort in it, to make it HBO standard. All the cinematic scene. The close-up. The lighting. I like it from the first scene. It recalls my memory in Australia, in a place called Redfern, a Muslim community one of my best classmates used to live in. Yeah…he is a Muslim, a Lebanese. The bridge and the rail just behind the butcher shop where window is smashed every day, and a goat head butchered mailed to school in return. It is so Redfern. A warmth from my heart. But….it’s still a story about a hero/saviour came to the school to save the kids one-manly. Same, the principal, the protagonist came from the same background as the kids (he graduated from that school). Same, a group of students most of us think, as Alfie in the Bad Education said, “beyond hope". Same, a group of teachers who have tried heartlessly and thus failed to save the kids. Same, the plot so fabricated to narrate the contrast between the ordinary let down and letting down teachers, and a resourceful principal (It’s so easy to fix the door, you just go to the market and tell the smith your door’s broken. So what’s the point of feeling any different?). Same, some teachers feel unsettled and threatened as the Principal effortlessly tipped the system off, which she/he thought she spends so much to make up for the good. And you predict that, same, those feeling threatened will do something sabotagey in the middle of the drama. And let’s see (As I have only seen EP1). Same, the kids will be saved by that saviour who turned the teachers and everyone into his sidekicks in no time. Same, I will be bored like GTO 5 episodes after. Same, I still recommend as it is so different from other Auzzi drama.

Bad Education….made in Britain. Can’t compare as all the characters inside the story, except the children, are lunatic. Funny…but I love it so much. Because, this is the only drama of all three I am rating which really focuses on the students. It is good, as it is the only thing we care in education. Fuck that principal and teachers. Students matter! No hero in the story, as Alfie is basically a retard despised even by the beyond hope. He didn’t do anything to save the students. But he loves them like buddy, and accept the way they are. And you sense that the story tells you the school is about something more. Education is about something more. And that “more" you can’t tell, as Mr. Whitehall himself honestly tells in the story he doesn’t know.

OK…Time’s up. Get back your study and work everyone.



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