Let’s Talk about… A Rumour


I feel that I have read something about this woman before, but I am not sure.

Anyway this article alluded to something about Katrina. It took me to last Saturday Night when I listened to World Tonight. The interviewee was asked “Do you think New Orleans was particularly catching because it was black?" His answer was

“True. But it also attributed to the fact that New Orleans is next to main highway. Katrina devastated many other settlements, like XXXXX (I couldn’t hear the name of the settlement). Several thousands’ dead. All white. But there was nearly no media coverage. It’s because the settlement was not connected to main highway"

(My comment: It’s because New Orleans was a famous city, for its blues, jazz and French. Also because there was an NBA team in the the city. Who cares your highway)

One of the rumours was that there were massive rapes and gang rapes, and even child rapes in the emergency dome during the Katrina. It was one of the last questions raised by interviewer. The interviewee gave a definite NO.

The podcast resonates so well with the above article, as there were always rumours about American Black. As there were always rumours in Hong Kong about people up north, so were rumours in China about us Kish. There were always rumours about Others. Funny things happen, as we are too wit, or lazy, to dig up counters against those rumours. We are just so used to living with rumours, as they fit in our brains well, as Sprite does in our throat, like a group of beauty with all their tight knits wet and soaked running to hug us (the Ad said). Very good analogy. What would you/I think were a group of wet chics running to us, with arms wide open, blossom pumping and flipping? Nothing, we think of nothing. As we wouldn’t need to. Our hormones would drive us to where it should be. An ejeculation. A stain down there. Eyes open. And you know your dream’s over.




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