Let’s Talk about ….. Immigration

OK…I know my story about a crossover between 三顧草蘆 and Jeremy Corbyn was a bit doggy. So let’s talk about something else.

Last weekend, when I listened to my BBC Podcast, I heard about this story.


I confess my English listening is always doggy. That’s why I couldn’t hear much, but that a mass of immigrants from Macedonia tried to cross the Greece-Macedonia border, being tear gased and water cannoned by Macy army. An interview with one girl from Syria, in which the girl strikingly asked in the air, and literally asked the air, “why did they hurt us? We come here just for safety and escaping threat of death, war, violence. Why did they treat us like that? We are not animals we are human being."

At the same clip, the spokesman for Macy Government. I heard “what do you expect our Government to do? We are doing what the EU expect us to do, to keep illegal migrants from going to Europe." Putting the blame on the EU’s policy, JUST GET THEM OUT OF HERE.


Another clip from Donald Trump, who used the term “anchor babies" to describe the illegal migrants who sneaked into US border to give birth and claim US nationality. (Hong Kong people, sound familiar doesn’t it?). Jeb Bush was accused of using the same word in another show, who defended then for himself, “I didn’t make it up. I just used the term, that people ordinarily use, to describe the situation. Tell me, what should it be called? what is the right choice. You tell me and I use it." Donald Trump’s DEAL WITH IT seems a better phrase than JUST GET THEM OUT OF HERE.


Today, I was inspired by this article,


It is about some artist get access to the letters of  immigrants being detained and abused, mainly Central American origin and mainly female. They then used their visual arts to depict and express what they feel about the immigrants. One picture is equally sweet as brutal, about a starry night, bright moon, at a shore with rods forming a line offshore. The immigrants were depicted as fairy flying to the shore, whose bodies were part of the starry sky.

An artist statement printed just on top of the picture wrote, “Butterflies migrate and their migration is beautiful, they’re not restricted by physical borders. When humans restrict the beauty and nature of human migration it brings pain and trauma."

A memory of mine was suddenly recalled. When I was year 3 in Geography, I learnt a new word, ‘Diaspora", which means a massive scale of human movement. But I didn’t know this word at the time. I just thought, it should mean something bad, something dystopian. Later I know it is just a neutral word to describe the scale of movement. But I still don’t know, when human history is basically a story of massive movment, we human being often relate such thing to all the bad things that come afterward – unemployment, racism, discrimination, wars, infighting, rape, assault, tribal wars, GET THEM OUT OF HERE. It’s distressing to frame this social process in whatever way, social, historical, economic, political. That’s why Theresa May finally got going to Calais to fix it. How to THEM OUT OF HERE. I don’t know.



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