Let’s talk about…blur


can we stop now? Can we stop now? Please?

i did not hear him sing this song last night, as I left at 10:00. Ie the show’s official end time when mr Damon sang his “to the end". The song I love while he sang, to be frank, badly last night.

As a blur fan halfway through, experience last night was not in particular enjoyable. I have to confess I don’t know how to sing three or four songs in the set list, including song 2 (how can you?). And I must say they were not particularly in form, except Alex James, on fire whole night through.

But it was a rare moment recently I was really proud as a hong kish when mr Damon said “we come to sing about your city". “Magic whip is such a long story…but …it’s really inspired by your city" I am a fan of Brit music halfway through and I have never heard of another Brit group making something out of my city.

haha. My city, a city I am so used to say your city when I am talking about anything about it. That’s why I said I was really proud of myself last night.

it was weird that I sensed mr Damon sadness when he did Pyongyang. I don’t know why. I haven’t listened to this song in detail enough. In fact I haven’t listened to the album as a whole enough. The album was serious and sincere, while loose and a bit oldie. Trying to replicate the time when they we’re thirties while giving some compromise for Damon’s weird taste. You can sense it clearly in Pyongyang (thought I was a spaceman too). Pyongyang, I may need to take a look at the lyrics to decipher it.

i am quite sure battery leg won’t be played. Walking down the hallway in convention centre,  hearing this is a low leaking from the hall at the top, I said to my self, not enough. Not heavy enough. Not thoughtful enough. I like blur. But I like mr Damon and mr coxon apart much more. And I may have to wait for the coming of gorillaz.



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