Pickled Garlic Scape Pesto

No Thyme to Waste

Since garlic scapes have come into season I’ve seen at least three people make pesto out of them, so I figured I’d give it a try and use some of the pickled ones I’ve had sitting in the fridge the past couple of weeks. Using the pickled version for this pesto gives it a nice acidic sour edge which I really like, particularly good for breakfast. The scape portion of the garlic plant (the above-ground twisty green stalks) are generally removed during cultivation in order to assist the plant in bulb growth, which is the part of the plant we generally use. The scape has a fantastic garlic scent and flavor, but it’s obviously less intense than the bulb itself.

Pesto isn’t just for pasta, it’s great slathered on fish, drizzled on some flatbread pizza, as a burger topping, or used like a chimichurri on grilled steak. Pretty much anything that…

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