Let’s Talk about …. Police

Today I am so lucky to have watched “The Met : Policing Station" (something like that). It’s basically a documentary to depict a life as a policeman/policewoman, from the perspective of a policeman/policewoman. No drama. Just a kind of 鏗鏘集, or 星期二檔案 (does anybody tell me if this show is still on?).

My two questions:

1. How do British feel watching this documentary? (To Hong Kish, police abuse has not been less severe over there than in Hong Kong. The scandals of Hillsborough and 1984(?) miner strike are out of your imagination, even you have been through Umbrella Movement and Mongkok fracas. The togetherness of police force to twist and bend the truth on their side.)

2. A follow up question. What would Hong Kish feel if such a documentary were to be broadcast here and now? (To me the same level of unthinkableness)

One shot was catching for me. And may be inspiring to you guys too. When Mr. Bernard Hogan=Howe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Hogan-Howe) gave his speech to the police graduates, he stressed that a police should be dedicated for the safety of the public, rather than the order of the public. To a certain extent, police in Post-modern World has been reduced to the largest security company, rather than the totem of public order. That is funny isn’t that. Now I know why My Dad, a retired police, told me many times there is nothing to brag about having a father as a police. (Hey class, your dad is …Lawyer? Engineer? Oh my goosh…My Father,….My Father,….is the greatest man of the world…He is …. a security). One way or another, however, we shouldn’t be ashamed to have a father as police, should we? As security and safety are also very important to us aren’t they?

And, to judge Hong Kong Police, try to look at that way, yeah some of them beat you out of shit. Some of them abuse their power and authority, or …. their baton. But there is NOT a single person seriously wounded or died even in one of the largest and crowded and longest civic disobedience movement. And they more or less still provide you safety when called upon, even to them you are such a dickhead. That tells how professional they have still been as the largest security company in the world. In this sense, you are doing pretty good HKPF.

My last question: How do my Hong Kish readers feel reading this article? 被收編? 被統戰? * I don’t give a damn. I am just a writer without pay…..like those fools working in Huffington.

*Anyone can teach me to translate these two words?




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