Cherry + White Peach Pie

No Thyme to Waste

I’ve been out of the loop this week and last, as I’ve been back home in British Columbia visiting family and friends. I seem to have had a stroke of luck too, as my last day in Whistler was socked in with smoke from surrounding wildfires, some of which being out of control. Had I gone this week rather than this last one I would not have been able to do the alpine hiking and outdoor sightseeing that I’d had planned. Lucky for me!

Time flies when you’re having fun and I’m a little shocked that it’s already over considering how long I looked forward to it… but such is vacation, and life in general usually!

I’ll include a few photos from the trip at the end of this post.

And a couple of ‘before and after’ shots from the wildfire smoke…

Cherry + White Peach Pie

The Pie Crust:

2+1/2 cups…

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