Let’s Talk about …. Greece (again)


Not much do I want to tell. But, I can tell, in hindsight, the result of NO in the referendum, or plebiscite, however hasty the announcement was, however blurred the meaning of YES/NO was defined, however tricky/fraudulent the way it was administered, is not a heck of surprise.

Reason: people told you already in the snap election about a year ago, which granted the legitimacy/mandate of debt negotiation/administration to Tsipras and his Left Wing party. The message then couldn’t be clearer – “People can’t stand the austerity anymore". The Greeks just reiterate the message one more time, within 1 year. Can’t you hear? Anyone who was disappointed or angry or startled by the referendum result just knows the message so well. She/he just tries to denegrade/degrade/contempt that part of the truth – the truth that they feel painful to bear the blunt/cruxification for the sin of all Europeans, over-valuation of liquidation.

Of course, there is another part of the truth – that Greeks owe Europeans (just banks to be more precise) a sum which they can’t repay while they have to. The existing problem is – everyone takes sides on part of the whole truth while no one tries to embrace both parts and take responsibility for the truth. Only when the negotiators find the convergence of such parallel parts of truth will the solution emerge. And I hope, faintly, I can see such convergence.

A lot of bullshit. Sorry. See you next time.




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