Let’s Talk about ….. Gay

This is a passage shared by my Christian friend in Facebook:


It’s basically about …. hey, I guess you guys can read it yourself can’t you?

I have no doubt that what the website is talking about is true. And, I am not a professional sociologist who can clearly define what adverse discrimination is (LIKE 道長, 陶傑). What I know is simple: Evil of Majority. Everybody unconsciously likes to take advantage of others, tease others, beat others, rape others, rope others, even shoot others, if the bliss of the chance is on his side. Believe it or not.

Ivan said we are thankful of still being alive not because people who want to beat the shit out of us are bounded by law. I oppose it. Or, he is NOT going far enough. Look at the news in China, where a girl can be gang raped by policemen in exactly where they work, a police station. Look at the news in USA, where a black guy can be tortured to internal bleeding and left to death by a group of policemen at the jail, where they are working. Look at the news in Britain, where thousands of thousands of kids were abused by Presenters, Teachers, MPs, even peer (No…Janner is still innocent right?) They are all bounded by law. But if you are at majority (in power terms), you can do whatever you like to whom you want to abuse for pleasure as if impunity. We survive in hatred, or whatever, just because we know how to stay in the shadow of majority, avoiding being minority. That’s similar to those who join triad, or political parties. Same principle. To survive in this ruthless world.

Discrimination law fundamentally was enacted for the situation just like the above. Try, however ineffectively, to protect every minority from being beaten the shit out, being shot, being stoned, being tortured, being killed just because they haphazardly live in the shadow of minority. Sound familiar right? No? watch Brokeback Mountain again! Now! Such law evolves with time as the way of “beating the shit out of ’em minor" has been getting more sophisticated. Cut your fu….. working class family tax credit for rearing children while I lower the tax for everyone (just Bankers and Fund Managers get more of that) so I can damn your fu….. kids out of the best education system, waiting for the future my Blue kids sustain our privilege to treating your kids as fu….. plebs. Principle of Sustainability added to update the Evil of Majority.

Microscopically, there are possibilities, when gay people become the Majority in some communities and abuse the straight guys, families, businesses. Ukrainains vs Russians; Hong Kongers vs. PRC; PRC vs. Japan; Jews vs. Non-jews; Black vs. White (Look at what happened in Zimbabwe). Likewise, Gay vs. Straight. Forever the nemesis, the anti-thesis, the antagonists. If chance comes, I can’t be more certain that gay group can beat the shit out of straight minority. To think Evil of Majority is inimical to Gay group is itself a discrimination. You treat them as non-human. You cruel!

Having said the above, gay marriage enactment is still valuable to our society, because they still haven’t have something they have to have while we already have had. That simple. With the discrimination law, the straight couple operating a hotel with Orthodox Christian value have to close their business. But just try to think of the situation where every gay couple is facing now, without marriage right: No right of inheritance. No right of taking care of his/her partner’s dependents when his/her partner dies, or can’t claim any tax break/ allowance if doing so. No right of sustenance cost when the relationship breaks, as they cannot legally divorce. No right of telling everyone I have a husband/wife (Oh come on who cares….we better go Bachelor forever man! esp. in the poaching) But what if someone values it?

My Christian friend is right. There should be cases when gay people actually take advantage of Christians. The Law of Evil of Majority predicts that there should be such a case if gay people are sure they have absolute edge/impunity to do so. In nowadays atmosphere, I wouldn’t be suprised if some Big Love guys go to harrass and poster Christain schools in Hong Kong. But she/he is wrong when she/he thinks that it is the discrimination law which makes them do so, if they do so. They will do to you just like you do to them. Eyes to eyes, teeth to teeth, in the realm of impunity. We are human being. We are social being. We are evil being. We are social evil being (we are social to make sure we can do evil). In the name of Father, Son, Ghost, and Evil of Majority. Amen.

Let’s Talk about ….. Gay 有 “ 2 則迴響 ”

  1. I think the article actually expressed the fear if one day straight guys became the minority and would be discriminated. Interesting idea. By the way, be aware of using Chinglish, and the misspelling and grammatical mistakes.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I haven’t really expected someone to give me comments on this article. It’s so kind of you. I will improve on it. Day by day.



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