Let’s Talk about …. Bribes


Nasty isn’t it. I can’t help but feel so disappointed by the Australian Government if the allegation about them giving bribes is true.

I have just bought the latest issue of Times (Eng Tsai is the cover woman). Now I find letters to the editors in the Times. Maybe they are always somewhere, but this is the first time I find it out there.

One letter is from Nanjing, about the Bribery of FIFA. he/she said taking bribes in football is matter-of-factly world-known all along. So, why bother? The last sentence was even more catchy: It is because bribery and corruption is everywhere that we appreciate the exception who don’t. The deed of a few.

My English is not enough for me to elaborate on this subject. But it really strikes me that we Chinese have been so used to corruption that we take it for granted, as a given, as a context, as background, and form a contrast to the rare ones who keep themselves clean and intact. A way of presentation that you can always here in talking about photography. The contrast. The context. The texture. It’s like yeah may be it’s not good but it’s a norm. So get on it. Live with it.

All I want to say is, something is rampant and perverse doesn’t mean we should take it as given. We should not! Never! An administration should be impartial is a given. This is the given. We should expect it. It always fails doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect it. Or there would be no means by which we are going to attain it, achieve it, while it is so basic.

I feel it so stark because when the vice becomes prevalent, we take it as norm. And the deed, the basic expectation on the mandate, becomes something high on the altar for us to just worship, and say to the name of father, son and ghost, bless me, and hear my prayer. Amen.

So, I am really struck. This time. 可能野黃先生講得啱..I Am Actually Velly Left. 左膠病發作. Sorry.

又….唔好以為我講來自南京就只有中國才出現. 上面篇野已講你知…"你唔過水佢點散水呀  My Friend"




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