Pickled Garlic Scapes.

No Thyme to Waste

I love love love pickling and preserving things. Whether it’s homemade marmalade that takes 48 hours of patience, or preserved lemons that take 6 weeks- I’m game. It’s even better if you happen to have something particularly seasonal, like garlic scapes. Grab all the good stuff while it lasts and preserve it for yourself for the long cold (and usually bland in the produce department) winter. Even basic vegetables that you can get year round such as carrots and beets are items you should seek out for pickling while they’re in season. The flavor is ten times better.

I have an afternoon BBQ to head to tomorrow, so I plan to keep one jar of scapes, and gift a jar to the potluck host who also loves growing and pickling.

I realize I have a lot to catch readers up on regarding the balcony garden. I haven’t spoken a word…

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