“It’s not the camera…"

Phil Kneen Photography


“It’s not the camera that makes the photograph, it’s the photographer" – or is it?

I recently read an article in The British Journal of Photography… it was an interview with Magnum photojournalist, Raymond Depardon. The veteran French photographer – now in his early 70s – was asked, “What are your fears now?" His answer surprised me, considering he is rated as an A-lister in the world of photography… but, at the same time, I totally related to it.

“As an older man, death, of course, but that’s not in my control, so what I really worry about is thinking about what camera to use on my new work. Should it be shot in colour or black and white, and what format?"

I totally get that, the bit about death, obviously… however, at 45 years-old I’m hoping that the Grim Reaper is quite a way off yet. But the…

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