Let’s Talk about …表決

Yesterday, government’s proposal of constitutional reform (for election of Chief Executive) was voted down in the LegCo.

I didn’t want to know. I was supposed to not knowing anything of this kind. But I was forced again to do so. If I weren’t have a meeting out of office, if driver of the office weren’t sick for 4 days, I shouldn’t have had a ride in my boss’s Honda 7-seat, listening to the car radio about HK news; I shouldn’t have passed through Admiralty and seen the banners and tents in front of the CGO; I shouldn’t have been absolutely ignorant.

But all of the things above happened in one go yesterday. So I know a little bit. The regret of the Chief Executive and the Chief Secretary in their press conferences. The farce, so called, in the LegCo, of trying vainly a non-quorum tactic by the so-called establishment. The debacle/fray, so called, of the government trapped once again by the same group (Liberal Party), at the time she needed them. The announcement of my Good Citizen colleague that “he was a bit disappointed".

I can’t say I have long anticipated it. But I can say it’s absolutely logical. One thing flashed my mind from nowhere yesterday was, that contrary to what most of the social activists view, Hong Kong is perfect a democracy, in the terms that Legislature’s power as a representation of people’s will, and a vigilant against executive power, is at its highest, sublimest limit. That’s why many people view, even I sometimes, that Legislature in Hong Kong always stuck in their way. Or 阻鳩住晒, In the whole Pacific, there are thus far only a few (немрго ) Legislature bodies who can play their role as a “stucker" to like no limit (Australia, Taiwan, Philipines may be, Hong Kong; Sorry not Japan and Korea). Let me ask you a question: Have you ever heard of people in Singapore saying “Oh! Legislature is a stucker!" Or, have you ever heard of people in PRC who say “The NPC is stuck in my way always!". No, I am sure you never hear of them saying such. It’s because their legislatures’ role as a stucker to executive power is basically dyfunct. And because of it, their function/essence as representation of the result of election is fundamentally nullified. No noise, no stuck in the way, no power, no legitimacy. Yeah! what you see a pristine picture of Neverland, in which you can see every beautiful thing: songs, effectiveness, greatness of our countries, or cities, people getting what they need rather than what they want, livelihood, betterment, and a skull Island rock. I hope you get my symbolism. Because I want to stick to nice things in my blog.

Here, another thing flash my mind from Neverland. The Basic Law. Love it or hate it. It is the one who confers such power to legislature in Hong Kong. Yeah…it has nitty-gritty of evilness that “stuck in the way" of our pursuit to true universal suffrage. But it has the same amount, if not more, of fragrant extract, that ensures a stalemate, a no go zone, a no one win, every time one side of the power tries to cross the line, to abuse, to conquer. And Sir Patten. Love it or hate it. He was the chief engineer of such a linkage between people and legislature in Hong Kong that involves legitimacy you can’t find in lots of other countries in the Pacific. Love it or hate it. He is the Peter Pan of this Neverland. The so called established power, be they DAB, LP, NDP, whatever, they have been witnessed time and again set the Government, their matey, into a trap, always conspiratorial, always unfaithful, always untrust worthy, always disloyal. Because they have to. In a circumstance that their legitimacy is so integrated with the votes of ordinary citizen, they are bound to be a traitor in view of the government. This is the power of the Basic Law. This is the thing we have to be thankful, give prayer, stand balwark in defence of.

I have said too much. Back to work.




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