Poles Apart

Phil Kneen Photography

mae_challis_musicianI believe that the genre of ‘people photography’ can be separated into three distinct categories  – neutral, negative and positive. Neutral photographs are the trivial and meaningless images we see everyday on the likes of Facebook – friends on a night out, snaps of your partner eating the meal you just prepared, selfies… these images neither give anything or take anything away, either artistically or emotionally.

Next is the negative category. Here are the photographs that violate, make lives worse – this can be anything from certain types of pornography to invasive Paparazzi style photojournalism, and a lot more in between. It won’t go unnoticed that I say, ‘certain types of pornography’… pornography, erotic art – call it what you like – in one form or another it’s as old as humanity itself… and I genuinely don’t believe it’s all bad. But that’s my opinion, don’t flame me!

Then the…

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