Let’s Talk about …. My Progress

1. Russian –

After a tedious and perplexing month (about) of watching free Youtube “Learning Russian as a beginner" and jotting notes, I finally can get a hand of what it is about in the caption of the following news article.


Oh….but. Why only Патриотизм и пармезан? Where is the “propaganda" in English version? Is the writer deliberately making fun of Руссии that her country doesn’t even allow such a word to exist?

And, progress has to be kept on. So Yesterday I bought a “Learn Russian the Fast and Fun Way"  ($500) and a Русскы Англо dictionary ($100) in Page One. After payment, things suddenly came to my mind that ‘how will they carry to?’ ‘What is my goal?’ ‘To read a Chekhov story? (I really have bought his story collection English-Russian translation)’ ‘to order a meal in Moscow with my wife?’ ‘What if they actually can speak with English? Just like I used to keep speaking my Eng in front of a Malay Chinese and suddenly he used fluent Chinese to reply how bad my Eng was?’ ‘How awkward it will be!’

Anyway. Bought it is bought it. Carry through.

2. Watching a movie with my wife

However hilarious and lunatic the San Andreas was. I enjoyed so much having my wife next to me, kept sticking my hand in and out of the pop corn cone, laughed at every funny moment when the stunt was attempting to be heroic and kept me out of breathe (yeah. I laughed near asphyxiated). And she said she enjoyed too.

3. ….Actually not much. I am still that dangling man, feeling idle all the time. Trying to be suave and urbane while my baseless is just too spectacular. But when I keep watching BBC Lifestyle and my mom-in-law indulges herself in食平3D, we have a very cordial exchange of cultures. That may be a progress, or no…I have always been cordial with my in-laws. It is my gift that is born with me.


3 responses to “Let’s Talk about …. My Progress”

  1. janagora says :

    my friend. aka my career consultant (sort of), always question me why am i learning ukrainian, whether there is a function for my entire life (at least to the short foreseeable future). I just smiled and kept silence every time she asked me. feel furious when we need to plan everything for career prospects or kicking in life goals.

  2. janagora says :

    btw applause to point 2

  3. asortofharvey says :

    aka = sort of aside, I really can’t figure out what on earth have I studied such language for. Complicated. Perhaps because of one of my personifa “Viktor", who claimed he knew about Russian. Perhaps because of the first glimpse of it, seemed easier to learn compared to Jap or French, Perhaps becasue of the attractive ж letter I recalled when I watched one Jacky Chan film. Complicated.



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