Let’s Talk about …. Dolce Vita

放心,今次不是講法文。我亦不𢤦。Dolce Vita其實是無線電視明珠台的自製節目。內容大概是一班操流利英語的演員

(以前有我好中意的李C韻⋯⋯唔好講佢了,有很多女仔都喜歡的陳智燊)介紹給香港的expatriate(即Immigrant worker,而我忘了加s)在香港衣食住行的高品味生活。我曾經經常看的。但自從我弟弟一包話我就從此沒有再看了。



滄海中出桑田,我變成一個不多看電視,又或者家中小孩霸住部電視後,差點忘了有這個節目。但最近因為要幫小孩報暑期班,到了海澄軒(長實旗下的偽酒店物業)酒樓吃飯。電視就是在播這個節目。現在我看到湯YINGYING(噢)在four season 的suite內介紹生活可以有多寫意,因為suite內有個白人青年bell boy幫你熨衫。



這個bell boy expats,又令我想起我每天想班都遇到的一個expats(今次加錯s),我叫他活地亞倫,因為有點相似的憂鬱神態。亞倫每天都坐我對面,大概五十歲。有點學養,從他手上的書不是Jeffery Archer可以看出。每天的裇衫都是藍色的。Symbolism。我看不到Dolce Vita內那些Expats,中環核心的那些半expats的自信精英眼神,只看到應該來自mortgage的沉重壓力。有時我真想像鄧梓琪一樣,上前同佢講聲加油。但據聞英文不能直譯加油。其實可以說句,Shell Premium,fill my tank please。希望你們識笑。

這個bell boy又令我想起Edward Norton,不是Fight Club內的,而是Dictator內跟中國大使行出房間,明顯被性侵嗰個Norton。我又想起衛報的另一篇文章:


我又想起我在大圍見到的一個expat,她一個帶住3個仔女上學,是一個housewife。我又想起在荃灣見到的那些expats,天天都穿差不多的衣著上班,有個仲日日短褲(一定係programmer)。我又想起奕康講過佢的同事。我又想起我在glasgow看他們往metro上班的情況。我看到的,才是明珠生活(Dolce Vita的中文名)。而他們的生活,都同我差不多,有澀有甜,有壓力有憤怒,有汗水有畫面。正正是要多謝Dolce Vita內那個辛勞Bell Boy Expat令我想起。這節目每每都很平面很片面,難得今次這麼立體。

我又想起陶傑形容的英國、美國、歐洲、白人社會。他看到的是真正。因為Daily Telegram所看到的是這樣的世界。而我看到的是Guardian形容的另一個世界,但它們屬同一世界。The line is what we call “Class Divide"。陶生或許永遠不會看這邊的世界,而我則看過一次後就知Telegram永遠不能是我的世界。而我們的世界都片面,都不立體。我們都應著實的去觀察/感受他們的生活。

吃過飯,到雅濤居報班。門外隨了摩門教expats外,又有一個6尺多的expat,應是其中一個playgroup的老師。灰色汗衫,Khaki短褲,派傳單,當日35度。老婆問,Net (Native Eng Teacher)都要派傳單?我輕描一句:


P.s. Jenny, I use this article to give you my response. Not really related. But I just think, entitlement may not be an issue in itself. Nor my concern. His view about UK has been accepted to a state of admiration in HK may be partly HK ppl fault. HK people seldom try to read more, observe more, to demyth what his, and other media’s, pictures of what Caucasian should look like. So they are kept ignorant as a result. You reap what you have sown, 求仁得仁.


Let’s Talk about …. Dolce Vita 有 “ 4 則迴響 ”

  1. Oh wow, thanks for writing up an essay in response to my comment. I am always grateful for writing of any sort dedicated to me.

    Yes indeed we usually only choose (consciously and/or unconsciously) to read things we agree with and so we only get to see one side of the argument and stay very satisfied and convinced that it is the truth. Obviously you’d think adults should be mature enough to appreciate things on the telly are always airbrushed to perfection, so far from reality but hey, common sense is not common! Life is never a bed of roses, regardless of where you are. Young people in the UK find it difficult to climb up the property ladder too, so Hong Kong is not alone.

    (Man the amount of cliché in this comment is rather appalling!)

    1. Cliche? like Its hunkers are heavy as hard luck,
      And cold as snow,? (Philip Larkin).

      Yeah! Common sense is not common and Life is never a bed of roses.

      Tell you one personal experience. On my way to office is a newstand. I always feel distaste at even a glimpse of the magazine covers on top. Always want to shut myself from all those silly things (to say the least).

      But one day I think. It would be the same hell when I were in one of the newstands at the top of the tube in London, having to have a glimpse of the sun, daily mail, peoples, FHM…..

      Then I know it’s futile. And I can’t find an easy way of being out of those things. And may be it’s not necessary at all.

      Yeah….you remind me of the fact that UK and HK share many things, esp. the “aspiration" to own a flat or a mortgage to be exact, which is to the state of fetish. A tale of two cities, 13 hours flight apart.

      1. I was intending to tell you about a new thing I started doing since the General Election: I subscribed to the Daily Mail feed on Facebook. Partly to keep provoking my mindset and knowledge, but also because of my tutors have told me a significant amount of patients read the Daily Mail and take the health advice on it very seriously. I needed to keep up. I’m ever so close to unsubscribing every time I see something to do with the Kardashians but I resisted to unlike it. A bit of a mental exercise here.

        I’m a bit of a snob I’d admit that but I know life is never easy. Just have to keep up with life and find small pleasures in life to keep me running. I cook, I bake, I play in the orchestra. I keep telling myself this: ‘I’m not just a British National Formulary. I’m a person.’

      2. True. I have to remind myself too. Be a person. Thank you for your feedbacks



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