A Trip down Memory Lane

Phil Kneen

blog-EditI began my professional photography career in 1987, the job was advertised as ‘Entertainment and Nightclub Photographer’ and it stated, quite clearly, that applicants must be over the age of 21 – I was 17 at the time, but applied anyway, lied about my age and experience and got the job. The Isle of Man was a very different place in 1987 – every other building on Douglas promenade was a hotel, guesthouse or pub, and in the summer the island’s capital would be rammed full with holidaymakers. Drunk holidaymakers. Of course, in 1987 not everyone had a camera in their pocket, so my job was to document their alcohol fuelled nights out for them – I would approach a table, ask the inebriated revellers if they’d like a photo, and if they replied in the affirmative I would take a single shot, they’d hand-over £2.50 and I’d give them…

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