Let’s Talk about … Immigration 戀英症



呢架車就是在英國倫敦一帶盛極一時的Advert Stunt, 架車四圍走叫人如果你是非法移民,唔該你番屋企, 一係等坐監, 人稱ANTI-IMMIGRATION BUS.


“屌!冇野啦! 犯法是應該受到應有懲罰嘛!"

但是連移民政策非常右,而又因此在大選狠狠的上了一課(此課叫:Bloke you are talkin’ like us folks. You are unlike the Westminsterers who are completely out-of-touch. So I like you. Every polling station I say I vote for you. But sorry. When it comes to business, I am quite conservative.)的UKIP前(?)黨魁奶早發難遲, 對此BUS都講了句:

" it was a nasty campaign with elements of Big Brother"

意思是真的很拿渣,竟有Running Man這等爛REAL SHOW的元素.


因為英人更重的是禮. 美國人見到你條黃咁咁,都會叫你一聲FUCKING CHINK. 但英國人唔會的. 就算佢好唔中意你,覺得你眼細又盛,佢都心底裡有隻字叫restraint empathy.移民好撚煩又盛, 我會屌個政府, 但唔會挖爛面face up with you的. 因為一個字. 你都識的. 叫核突 (加唔加個撚字在中間同更唔加Tabasco一樣,你中意啦). 當然在法國火車上的車仔迷也是例外, 而我是阿仙奴迷關我撚事.

當我地話對方走去學校搞林老師D學生正仆街時, 原來我地又同時接受到自己走去人地學校貼大字報的. 哈. 待人以X 責己以Y, 這在中國人是吧. 還是你覺得自己似英國人多D? 對唔住喎! 睇上面件事, 你又唔係好似. 不過咁, 英國人有好多種的. 你似EGL嗰D掛….

所以當我見到陶先生黑紙的戀英症時,我覺得好得意. 你似乎好了解英國, (I am not in a position to challenge a Warwick Graduate), 但你對英國的了解又似乎只為某部分港人產生self-boasting, ostentatious, bulging etc. 卻不能令他們明白英國,同中國的文化一樣,有強烈的惻隱及自嘲, self-deprecating (國粹來的). 咁你戀的,其實是乜戀呢?

有個小妹妹,被網友話出來哭戲背台詞. 但這才是英國的精粹. You need drama. You need comedy from tragic moment. You need tragedy from comic moment. 莎士比亞來的. 似乎, 真正戀英的, 是對家.

Let’s Talk about … Immigration 戀英症 有 “ 8 則迴響 ”

  1. 最聰明的香港人都會投鼠忌器吧。

    1. 非常老實,我都是反對A君的所有立論的人. 我是見到民仔,梁生黨羽, 中共,就產生極度厭惡感的人. 以至我在家時不許任何人按無線新聞的極權….這亦是我不再看香港任何東西的原因(此事能被我在火車看見確是巧合)….我冇資格批評佢地. 所以呢篇是你所謂的五十步笑人八十步的短文, 寫來不知做乜柒

      1. 然後對新有興趣的事好快感到厭倦….另一方式的換龍門,無限loop

    1. 沒有。這是都市症,你我他都有的特徵

  2. Hey, seeing that you are talking about Great Britain, I guess I’m in the right place to chip in.

    Chip Tsao is an interesting character, my parents subscribes to his media appearance but so often we have found him a bit of a joke. I have no doubt that he is very knowledgeable about this country but he is still quite limited when it comes to day to day life in Britain. (On a completely off-track note, him talking about classical music was a good laugh!) He sometimes (knowingly) twists some misunderstanding into sarcasm to make a point and it comes with a flair very close to English sarcasm.

    He is certainly very good at portraying and marketing himself to his target audience, hence why he celebrates certain qualities Hong Kongers have in relation to its history being a former British colony. Obviously he would probably say Hong Kongers in generally are not up to standard to fully appreciate the irony in British culture but I still think he has to make himself likeable (at least) to his local audience by doing such.

    1. Hi Jen
      In fact you can chip in whatever topic you like. For mr chao (the first time I know his romanization last name thx), I don’t think he isn’t well embraced in hk. His celebrity status in the media, one of the highest paid radio anchor in hk, explains just that.

      What I criticized was why he doesn’t use his influence and knowledge in a better way. But to be fair it’s not his duty as much as keeping journalism deserved integrity to Rupert Murdoch’s.

      1. Hmm I feel I should reiterate my point. Chip is not obligated to educate his fellow Hong Kongers, nor will he ever do that because he earns his living by this gap of lack of understanding of GB from Hong Kongers to retain his media attention.



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