Let’s Talk about … A Day with Natural?

That was a day for our adventure, a glimpse of nature

The curtain of rainstorm and dark cloud half pulled from left to right

To open our chapter

On an Island on which HKUST was clearly after

was where we embarked, with my heavy trolley cart.


Through the deserted beach that at the end of Jurassic Park 3 you have seen,

and after the bridge over the stream,

I saw the piece of green, and a rugged paving line that led our way

to spend our day in a natural enclave

A group of volunteers, with whom they negotiated.

A know of about an American football field,

Three to four farming sheds, with bunches of iron, wood, bamboo underneath.

The crops in the form of rows or

Hanging in front of the only one scarecrow.

The water buckers by the even bigger buckles and the water puddles.

The rugged paving that my trolley could be but hardly pulled.

Overhead the electricity lines in the cool blue.

As natural as you’d suppose to do.


But, wait a minute.

Closely looked the rugged line that was craftily bumpy.

Looked up, the trees struggling behind the blimey.

Made you think what should have been here

However they looked.

Natural or looked naturally?

There should be a line in between, where is it?

Looked at the workers wiping the bench soaking the damp from the rain.

Those with a set of uniform in which a natural human being shouldn’t be

Looked at the everything that’s so pretending.

To make believe we were in the middle of the green.

We called it sustainable travel,

That balances human activities with the natural.

Economically helpful to the local that tames you that the Earth,

However precious She is while always negotiable.


But, who convened the negotiations?

Who set the rules of what is natural?

On the table who is vocal, deafeningly vocal?

Who keeps silent who keep silenced?

Those trees that so vividly thrusting upon the fence

Beyond which was where we appreciated, the ailing plants.

That tells the contrast.

A contrast of Nature vs nature. A contrast of plants vs plants.


We came to this colony of Nature to enhance, don’t we?

The ferocious gust that’d blown the makeshift shelter,

on which the grass used to be.

That gives you the answer. Doesn’t it?

Grass won the game where the trees used to stay.

A game that makes us feel good letting play.

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  1. 很棒的環境耶

    1. 不過



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