Let’s Talk about …На Вокзале

На Вокзале 是俄文,解The Terminal。我年青時看過那套由Tom Hanks Catherine Zeta Jones主演,真人真事改篇愛情科幻片,講述灰菇爺俄佬Tom Hanks如何被一群老鼠同心合力下溝到空姐同佢上一次床,但離開LA機場,幫老豆去酒吧集齊PUB SAUCE。簡直係痴X線的科幻片。

但有一幕到現在我都是好深刻的。就係Tom Hanks攞住兩本一樣的書,一邊英文一邊俄文的去學英文,而竟然學到。

由於本人被一個貌美如花的作者作弄,嘗試真是由ABC開始學起俄文來。又了差不多一個月時間記左D字母及拼音後,我想起Tom Hanks,我上網摷,嘗試可否找到英俄對照的東西看,學俄文。竟然被我抄到這篇:



Москва = Moscow

журналисты газеты “Гардиан” = 衛報

гастрономическую революцию = Food (Gastronomical) revolution

我真係……..原來連呢Part 都是科幻的……各地的SYNTAC分別咁大,點可能用呢個方法學到呢。

好彩網上有靚靚MISS 教,我決定慢慢學


3 responses to “Let’s Talk about …На Вокзале”

  1. janagora says :

    things would go more fascinating when you come to learn the 6 cases of nouns in Russian grammar. but looking back there’s always someone backing you up – what im actually learning is Ukrainian, a lang that is still like bambino in the modern 2015, with 7 cases for every single noun. crossing with different tenses and sexes of subjects it turns out to be a giant matrix puzzling every outsider.

    • asortofharvey says :

      Your “fascinating" is so irritating….
      Anyway keep on Jan. Wish 10 years from now I can take my wife the Moscow having dinner ordering in Russian 巧威威 while u are in Ukraine doing whatever you feel fine

  2. janagora says :

    but i’ll never understand when the ukrainian tells me it’s kinda hip for ppl there speaking russian (but of cos, districts like odessa are russian dominating despite of its “fashionism")
    maybe it’s something like the 火星文 that youngsters now using…lol



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