Let’s Talk about …. we


有一日我同個仔講故事. 故事講一棵強壯的樹巧威威,取笑身旁的小樹曲。最後,巧威威被鋸下。仔喊到收唔到聲。其實故事都未講完。我原本想講,旁邊的小樹苗不要幸災樂禍,笑甚麼,你也遲早被人類斬鳩(解作幹掉)。




本來想講下熾哥談食翅,但見文章都提及殺雞取雞子,食魚要食埋魚籽的殘暴行為,是人之共業。奧運所講的One World One Dream , Either killed by me or him 就無謂令人誤會我只講本人的民族,巧威威的中華。



2 responses to “Let’s Talk about …. we”

  1. Jenny says :

    Hey, I hope you are well. You probably have guessed I have been following your blog after you made your exit from Twitter (from stats perhaps? Idk.)

    We were talking about taking children to a farm with a couple from church. A member of their family owns a farm in the country. They took their children for a day out and they had so much fun playing with the animals but they were warned that they should never let young children see the slaughtering because they will be scarred for life and go straight into vegetarianism. I don’t know how are we supposed to draw a line between being realistic without making young children so disheartened about life in general. I guess I learned this when I was bullied in nursery, ouch, people aren’t nice. Reality hurts.

    (Oh wow I just wrote an essay…)

    • asortofharvey says :

      Ooh thanks for follooin (a bit of Scottish acc)

      I am really thrilled to hear you here. I couldn’t have expected to lure somebody whence! 😅 and you are the explanation of that Union Jack on my map! Really thrilled! I thought it may be some misogynist like Jeremy who were so irritated by my essay as to follow me!

      Just kidding. But it relieves some of my burden as its daunting to deliberately keep my expression bilingual here.

      Back to the topic. True its sometimes made me feel hypocritical when I say anything about hugging the planet. While I keep eating my favorite Burger King and drink my cook, work in office keeping print drafts after draft. And my son keeps draft his comics like a real Damien hurst 🙈

      Anyway stay tune here and I will stay here writing until I dry my well of ideas.




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