Let’s Talk about … The Science of Grievances

This won’t be long. And I am going to be bilingual, for compensating those English (UK) readers who were tricked to my last blog about something, and might think I would writing something about the song “Something" by George Harrison.


You can never avoid grievance any time you are struck by it. The only thing you can do is to choose how you deal with it. Some choose rage against it. Some choose self-inflicted cage to amplify it. Last night till just now, I saw 2 innovative ways of coping with it, or put it more correctly, challenging it.

A great show of an English born Ethiopian Lemn made a comedy show to interrogate the White about adopting Ethiopian child for upbringing and “civilising", stealing the concept “home" from them.


Honestly, I don’t understand who it was categorised into Comedy genre, as I felt the rage in every rhythm he sang throughout the show.

Today I have just read a long read about someone who resorted to documentation and evidence collection, to build a case against Assad’s human rights abuse.


It was fascinating, as I couldn’t imagine you can treat the catastrophic grievances as such with such things as models, methodology. It is absolutely science of grievances. And I hope you, CIJA, do justice for all who suffer in Syria one day.

In the meantime, there may be some intellectuals like Mr. Chow in Hong Kong, who may ask such humble question as why your science is more scientific than my intuition. Wish you keep stand where you are standing, keep mad what you are mad with, keep stupid when you are considered so.









2 responses to “Let’s Talk about … The Science of Grievances”

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    • asortofharvey says :

      慘架. 跟風者不能根據常理,推論, 邏輯等相對簡單的方法去思考/展示思考,但又要裝出一副思考的容貌,比我要裝不懂講粗口還要困難,最後要能人所不能,肥肥踏雞蛋(最個好科學)的要做一套新邏輯. 應敬佩其捨難取易,到萬宜水塘滔水救加州大火的恒心. 周生已經得道成仙. 理應設廟供奉. 其參拜者只設流動街站, 實屬不敬.



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