Story – “The Messiah"

It is a sunny afternoon. Dr. Vaslo is sitting on the couch in the cafe lounge of Hotel Alimandi Vaticano, fronting Viale Vaticano, where he is living like in his whole life. He is reading the Bible, the same book, or put it more precise, the same topic, in his whole life. The cup several centimeters to his front right is half full of Latte, as always. He isn’t particularly fond of Latte. He isn’t even particularly fond of coffee. He is a die-hard fan of Pepsi Co. But he is the kind of person who believes in Aristotle. Everything should be in the right place. A cafe is definitely not a right place for Pepsi Co. A park is definitely not a right place for those who try to read a book. Roads are definitely not right place for bikes. Definitely. Too strong a coffee, like Espresso, is right thing for keeping a reader alert, but definitely not a right think to him who has chronic stomachache. Definitely. So every day he comes to this cafe lounge, the right place, sit in the same couch, the right place, order either Mocha or Latte, the right thing in this place, and read his Bible, the right thing to do. Dr. Vaslo has literally been confusing right with same. But he couldn’t have cared less. He just does the right thing every day, and everything is right.

His mobile vibrates. A message notification. Swipe it. Password tapped. “Interview in 10 mins", the message from Dr. Evg, his only colleague in his whole life. Message deleted, he puts down his Bible on the couch he sits every day, walks out of the hotel, crosses Viale Vaticano, to where he works in his whole life, Musei Vaticani.



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