Two seasons, one day apart

Christopher Martin Photography

Bragg Creek spring owl - © Christopher Martin-6690

April 17th was a warm day, even when I went out in the morning.  I photographed this Great gray owl perched over a field in the early golden light and it felt like summer was just around the corner.  Shortly before finding the owl, I spent a few minutes watching the moose below as it grazed on these brambles.  With lots of sunshine all day long, the temperature rose up to 20°C by the afternoon – which is lovely for this time of the year.
Bragg Creek spring moose - © Christopher Martin-6645
The next day, was a very different story as snow fell overnight and changed the land completely.  I happened to find another owl and another moose while I was out in the white winterland.  I am used to our wild weather swings but I still found the difference striking.
Bragg Creek spring owl - © Christopher Martin-6736
Bragg Creek spring moose - © Christopher Martin-6754

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