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Phil Kneen Photography

5I9A6835-Edit5I9A7357-Edit-2 I’ve been shooting more film than usual this week, mostly film actually, due to the fact that someone stole my entire Nikon digital outfit, £8000 worth of uninsured kit (uninsured because of the circumstances in which it was stolen), over the Easter weekend. I am, needless to say, completely devastated, but worse things have happened in the world. All the images here were made using a Canon AE1, 50mm 1.8 lens and either Fuji Pro 400H or 1o year out of date Ilford HP5. I’m not one for begging, but I am considering some kind of crowd-funding event to raise the cash to buy at least some digital gear so I can carry-on working. Keep an eye out here –Phil Kneen Photography on Facebook5I9A6823-Edit-Edit-Edit-2


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