Let’s Talk about … English Speaking (huh)

Ha….Second week. It turns out my decision to quit (technically speaking just GENERAL MUTING) Twitter was appropriate, in a sense that I can eventually find time and space to boom up my WordPress. Don’t listen to others speaking makes you speak more, freer and more diverse in topics. But folks. Verdict about my “quit" not finalised yet. I will give out the TWO simple WORDS reason 2 weeks after. Just wait.

OK. About speaking in English. I read you guys’ tweets a cupa days ago (2 days maybe) about “You hate some gals/guys born in Hong Kong and try to pretend ABC/BBC/CBC, mainly ABC, in their speaking." To me, it’s already too much to use the word “hate". And it’s absurd and, mysterious too, as how can you “hate" someone you just don’t know? (OK….cliche: Hatred comes from ignorance, which be gone with understanding)

I just reiterate my words: Mimicking an accent which is not born with you is a tedious and pernicious works, while not worth a buck as (my experience tell) it just undermines your fluency and your humour. Last week, I attended a seminar of an architect who built One Hysen. She spoke with Hongkish which I can’t find anyone I know can compare. Not only the accent, but the way of forming syntacs, the way of speaking, the choice of words, are so Cantonese as you can ever imagine. Most of Hong Kong listeners, incl. me, just ordinarily mock such kinds of speaking as inferior and hilarious. But it’s because she adopted such “way" of speaking English she kept her fluency and humour all along, while the audience, including the ABC/BBC/CBC and native English “expat" just kept their attentive to the speakers. They kept smiling and laughing and I def. can tell they enjoyed the show/talk. That speakers’ power of speaking solely came from the usual phrase “I just don’t care a damn thing".

If you try to mimick an accent that’s not yours, your speaking will become self-conscious, and tense, as you keep asking yourself the same question, just silently while loudly in your heart “ain’t I sound right?" It just makes your speaking worse. Speaking is something unconscious. In a way, a too self-conscious cannot communicate, that is the problem I’ve suffered for so long.

A step further. Sometimes when you speak a sentence, you just get so self-conscious that you ask yourself, silently and loudly “did I make mistakes here or there?" That happens to me always, as I tell you I always say My girl is rubbing his lips, while the “his" I wanted to mean herself. Just try to relax and don’t be pricky when you say anything. Just let it go. If you makes some mistakes that are really serious, your audience def. will show you.

Last words, which one of my mates taught me in Ozz, “don’t stress too much when you speak". It’s hard to achieve when you try to mimick something that’s not you, or when you are too pricky on yourself.

G’day Mate



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