Let’s talk about our kids

I had an in-law whatsapp a post telling a news in hku. Some gay students want to apply for affiliation to hku student union so that they can form a gay student society organizing activities for gay students like speed dating.

My in-laws are mostly Christians as pious as you’ve already expected. Absolutely anti-gay. She said in whatsapp the students are seriously bad (expected) and we should keep vigilante for our kids, to protect them.

I will not give a piece arguing about nature vs nurture in sex orientation. It’s their belief about nurture that presenting argument is futile in my opinion. So, let’s talk about how to protect kids from being lured into the crooked and evil sex as they call.

If you want your kids to love sex with different sex, what should you do. Tell them not to be gay? Or (more positive) tell them the wonder and beauty of the different sex? Definitely they latter isn’t it.

Then how to tell? Grasp them to church and pray for a spiritual mate to come? Or (more realistic but a bit out of tune to most of them) let them go out and date, reading and looking at porn, and giving them a glimpse of how great the physical touch of the body of different sex?

I definitely choose the latter. Christian, I am too, but I’m going to share with you pals that instead of getting ourselves a step closer to westboro baptist church and waving placard Fuck The Fags, westboro baptist church, we should have a better sex edu for our kids and tell them sex comes physical n spiritual, and so does love. It means you can’t ban everything and say everything is evil except your brethens. It just makes things worse. Something somewhere you have to give away. Porn, prostitute, soft core, date, they may be helping you get your kids away from that crooked and evil sex if you do believe nurture.

Or, if you think I’m a bit too much, I just say Give Your Kids A Chance to choose what they want for their love, but it may imply a possibility of choosing same sex. Irony isn’t it?



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